My Relationship With Medication

I have a love-hate relationship with medication. I see the benefits, but also can’t ignore the downsides. It supports and even saves me from my worst, it is there when I need it, and I know that it is necessary. Though it can bring shame, annoyance, and a harsh reality that this is my life,... Continue Reading →

Coming To Terms With My Illness

At age 12, my onset of bipolar had started to reveal itself, meanwhile, I held anxiety for most of my childhood. My first episode was a long span of depression, I started to self-harm and this was when my first suicidal ideations came into effect. I isolated myself, lost motivation and stopped doing the activities... Continue Reading →

Introduction: beginning my mental health blog

I have always admired those that can stand up, and talk about their mental health, in addition to their experiences that go with it.  I also appreciate the importance and benefits of having these individuals.  I have seen first hand the benefits of people openly talking about their mental illnesses, they bring greater light and... Continue Reading →

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